Our Story

Will is not concerned with what’s written in his bio, because Will is all about the furniture and if there’s one thing he hates it’s talking himself up. As a matter of fact, I have been asking him to write it for months, but I have had to do it for him.

Will began his love for furniture from a very early age, sleeping in cots and sitting in chairs before he could even walk. Rumour has it he was brought up in a house full of furniture!

Will has been working in the furniture and interiors industry for over 2 decades, with experience in furniture retail, showhouse fitouts, fabrics, repair, restoration amongst many other things.

I can tell you that Will is passionate about furniture, he loves good furniture – poorly designed and badly manufactured furniture…not so much.


It is with that passion and a simple business plan of keeping overheads to a minimum that enables him to supply high quality, in trend furniture at affordable prices.

To provide this furniture, Will has carefully selected a small number of high quality, skilled and trusted manufacturers with whom he has dealt with for a long time. Will and i hope that you agree that his furniture is something just a little bit special, a bit more individual and not easily found in the larger furniture stores.

Will isn’t trying to change the world, but with his help whoever does change the world can do it surrounded by beautiful furniture.